SPIMEX is the foremost leading commodity exchange in Russia. Petroleum Trading has been servicing and assisiting purchases and sales of petroleum products on SPIMEX since 2013.

The cost of assisted purchases/sales of oil products for customers of Petroleum Trading on SPIMEX includes all costs: cost of goods, required fees and a transaction fee (broker fee is determined by the volume of transactions and total monthly turnover).

For more information, please, fill out an application online or request a return call. We will call you back.

How to become a client

  • Read the Regulations
  • Sign a contract for the provision of brokerage services
  • Provide documents in accordance with the Regulations
  • Choose the rate and form of payment


  • Regulation
  • Tariff classifier
  • Annexes to the regulations

List of necessary documents:

  • Company profile.
  • Document confirming the appointment and powers of the CEO.
  • Copy of CEO passport/specimen signature card.
  • Company statute and registered changes in it.
  • Certificate of company registration with tax authorities.
  • State registration certificate.
  • Bank turnover report for the last 12 months (monthly).
  • Information on the presence or absence of loan debt.
  • Balance sheet, profit and loss statements for all group members.
  • Copy of certificate of immovable property ownership from the Department of Registration of Real Property Rights and Transactions
  • Extract from the Unified State Register of real estate.
  • Extract from shareholder list.

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